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My New Fic Archive - To the great western woods, I give you King Edmund, the Just [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
It's King Edmund, Actually: Edmund Pevensie

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My New Fic Archive [Mar. 1st, 2010|07:43 pm]
It's King Edmund, Actually: Edmund Pevensie


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Hey All! It's been forever hasn't it? I just finished my fic archive, xcrumpledpaperx, so all of my fanfics are now there. I will not remove them from my personal journal, but I will be posting all new fics there. But incase any of you are new I'll repost the Chronicles of Narnia part of my masterlist. Right now I'm working on a few CoN fics so hopefully I'll have those done soon. :)

Chronicles of Narnia

I Never Wanted To . . . - Masterpost - Susan/Caspian - Complete - Susan went back to England, but she never really left Narnia. - Contains I Never Wanted To and I Never Said Thank You For That

Growing Cold - Susan/Caspian - Complete - Susan's love for Caspian turns to hate once back to England.

My Favorite Memory - Susan/Caspian - Complete - Susan reminices about her favorite memory of Caspian, i.e. an excuse for heavy petting.

The Pale Dawn Verse - Susan/Caspian, Susan/OMCs - She don't believe in anything, but if you ask her, she'll say there's plenty of things to believe in. Susan's life after the death of her family.

Forever Doesn't End This Soon - Susan/Caspian - Caspian's goodbye.

Everyone Has a Secret . . . - Susan/Caspian - A character study of Prince Caspian by Susan, pre-relationship.
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